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{craft eight – homemade cookie cutter}

Congratulations to Emma for guessing the quick craft correctly and winning a Starbucks gift card!

Here is what the final project looks like!


{quick craft} craft eight - final



It’s a homemade cookie cutter!

I had a holiday party for work and I got it in my head that it would be SO cute to make little hats and mittens and Starbucks cups. One problem, out of the hundreds of cookie cutters I own, a coffee cup was not one of them.

With all of my themed lunches and themed outings and more, I am not new to creating my own cookie cutters. However, in most cases, when I have made them in the past, they are not reusable or they don’t hold up. Enter this new way to create a homemade cookie cutter!

The best part? You can make any shape you want!

Want the quick how to on this homemade cookie cutter?!

All the supplies you need are…

  • one of those foil pans
  • a printer and paper (or a pencil if you’re good at drawing)
  • a rolling pin
  • a good pair of scissors

That’s all you need!!

Well, and some cookie dough for after you’re all done!

{quick crafts with BC} step one

First, cut the pan into strips.

Mine were about one and a half inches wide.

{quick craft} craft eight - flattened

I then used my rolling pin to roll the pieces as flat as I could.

{quick crafts with BC} step two

Second, I had to create an unsharp edge so that I would not cut myself when pushing the cutter into the cookie dough. To do this I folded over one edge.

{quick craft} craft eight - unsharp edge

Just be sure that you don’t fold over too much so that it doesn’t cut into the cookie dough leaving unwanted lines or cuts.

{quick crafts with BC} step three

Now, for the fun part!

Find the shape for you!

I perused the internet for the perfect coffee cup and then printed it out in the size I wanted.

{quick craft} craft eight - shape

Then you start folding your strips of metal to fit the shape on your paper.

{quick crafts with BC} step four

Finally, to lock your pieces of metal together so that your cookie cutter can last, you will need to cut a little tab in the metal strip.

{quick craft} craft eight - notch

Like so.

Sorry for the blurry photo, mom problems.

Then you cut a slit into the other pice, slide this tab into the slit, and then fold it over!

{quick crafts with BC} step five

Lastly, you make some cookies!!

{quick craft} craft eight - cookies1

I am so happy with how they turned out!

{quick craft} craft eight - cookies2

They were a big hit at work too! And with our littles. Of course.

I have a love hate relationship with sugar cookies. I get these super cute ideas in my head and I am over here like ‘YEAH! Let’s do this!’ Then it comes time to make the dough and then cut out the cookies and then bake the cookies and then decorate the cookies. About four cookies in I am over here like ‘I regret my life choices!’ Then it comes back around, when they are finished I am all like ‘YAY! Look how cute these are!’

And then I decide to make them again.

Because I am a crazy person.



What shape would you make?!

Do you make sugar cookies often?!

Let me know your thoughts!

I love hearing from you guys! Thanks for playing!

2 thoughts on “{craft eight – homemade cookie cutter}

  1. Adorable! Starbucks should buy them from you! When I bake, the thing I “hate” is the cleanup! Christmas cookies always seem like a good idea until I look at all the dishes that making them seems to generate. 🤪

    Liked by 1 person

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