{manic mom-days}

{needy littles}

We are going on over a week of sickness in our house.

It has been bounced fromCuddle Bug to Little Miss to Little Bear and back to Cuddle Bug.

And I’m pretty sure both parents are getting it or already have it.

It was really only a matter of time for that to happen though.

It started with Cuddle Big getting a sore throat and wicked cough after we got back from Wisconsin. Then Little Miss got hit with a fever and missed three days of school. Next up, Little Bear got hit hard and ended up with a double ear infection and a bad fever that doesn’t want to quit. Then, as if that wasn’t enough, Bug got hit with a fever on top of the cough and sore throat he still has.

In short, it’s been a LONG week.

The worst best part of it all is the amount of neediness.

Do your littles get super needy when sick?!

I’m talking Bug climbing on top of me, coughing and sneezing into his hand, and then reaching up to pet my face with said hand.


Also, due to the fact that all of my littles are under the weather simultaneously, they are competing with each other.

Bear climbs on my lap, Bug throws himself on the ground because he ‘wanted to sit there’. Bear climbs down because he’s two and easily distracted, so Bug quick jumps in, which causes Bear to instantly drop the toy that distracted him and fight to get on my lap with Bug.

And mom is just over here like…can we not?

For some reason, while Little Miss is sick, she just wants to do all of the activities!

‘Mom can I go outside?’

‘Mom can I ride my bike?’

‘Mom can I play with my Aqua Beads?’

Mom can I go climb Mount Everest?

And then I have to explain to her for the millionth time that being home from school sick means you do nothing fun rest, yeah lots of rest so you can feel better and go back to school.

I am ready for everyone to be healthy again!

AND for some space!

Well, there you have it, it’s been just another Manic Momday!


Are your littles extra, extra needy when not feeling well?!

Can I get some space now?!

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