{manic mom-days}

{door to door salesmen}

It’s still Monday right?

Sorry guys!

In the spirit of February and Valentine’s Day and all that jazz I’m going to talk about how my littles have a strange fondness for door to door salesmen.

I mean, they love pretty much anyone; but someone ringing the doorbell means FRIENDS! It must mean someone to come play with us!

Meanwhile Mom is over here trying to ignore the fact that the doorbell rang and not deal with the person trying to sell me a vacuum that costs more than my first car.

Between the barking dog and the littles screaming “SOMEONE’S AT THE DOOR!” I am forced to answer the door and awkwardly tell the person that no I don’t have a million dollars to spend on whatever it is you are trying to sell.

All while my littles are trying to be best friends with the person.

They’re trying to push past me asking a thousand questions…

“What’s your name?”

“What are you doing here?”

“What’s that?”

And not only questions. They try and show the salesman EVERYTHING they own.

“Look at my car!”

“This is my cool pen.”

“These are my drawings!”

Then they start trying to show off their “tricks”.

All while I am trying to say ‘No thanks’ to the poor salesman at the door.

Well, there you have it, it’s been just another Manic Momday!


Do your littles make friends with everyone?!

Do you try to pretend you’re not home when the doorbell rings?

No, just me?

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